#CaseStudy: Medimix, Flynt.social Onboard Influencers To Talk On Traditional Goodness

The broad challenge was that Medimix was unable to create a connection with its target audience

Medimix, an Indian brand for ayurvedic/herbal soap manufacturer, is marketed by Cholayil, a Chennai-based company. A brand that came to life in the kitchen of VP Sidhan, Medimix was introduced in the market in 1969. The packaging of the product was different from the ayurvedic product of that era. The brand found its niche in the enormous soap market and persevered with its space and trust and is now exported to more than 30 nations.

53 years later today, Medimix has grown to become one of the top Ayurvedic brands in the personal care industry.

Campaign Brief: Medimix launched a new anti-pimple face wash with the unique claim of visible reduction in 3 days - they wanted to target young potential consumers to create noise and advocacy.

The Challenge: The market of Ayurvedic FMCG products is estimated to register a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16% between 2016 and 2021. Medimix is a brand known to everyone, but with new-age ayurvedic brands tailor-made for the new generation, Medimix was unable to create a connection with its target audience. Hence, they wanted to reach out to young consumers to create noise and do brand advocacy.

Solutions: To increase the top of mind awareness and brand recall, end-to-end management from brand strategy to creative to execution was done with the help of a three-pronged approach developed:

-Strong research. A well-defined research methodology was followed to understand the brand’s perception in the Ayurvedic FMCG space. To understand the preferences of the youth, focus group research was done amongst the target audience. The tactics adopted by the competing brands were also studied to understand what’s working for the brands and what Medimix can do differently to cater to their audiences. 

-Speaking to the audience through the right people. An analysis of the target audience was done which was followed by careful screening of the influencers for the campaign. Out of a mix of 100 shortlisted influencers, we went ahead with 20 who were the perfect fit for our campaign and would help us reach the desired results. 

-Execution. The execution of the brand involved multiple stakeholders as we wanted to highlight the anti-acne product from every perspective and angle. For this, we included influencers from various genres including fitness, medical professionals, travel enthusiasts, television actors, makeup artists, lifestyle influencers, etc. Through innovative ways, the product’s USP was highlighted, which was visible acne reduction in three days.

Strategy: A total of 20 female influencers were handpicked for this campaign from various categories including lifestyle, travel, medical professionals, celebrities, makeup artists, wellness, fitness and mothers, who a combined reach of 20M+

A total of 42 content pieces were done with end-to-end management from Brand Strategy to Creative to Execution

The curated content pieces focussed on creating brand advocacy for the brand and highlighted the brand’s unique claim of visible reduction in three days along with the benefits of the product. The creators used the product for three days and shared the results in innovative ways.


  • The Campaign had performed exceptionally well on the metrics of both Reach and Engagement
  • A total of 42 content pieces were curated which garnered 585K+ views with a total follower count of 20M+
  • The Effective CPV was less than 50p, which was substantially less than category benchmarks
  • The Engagement Rate for the campaign was almost 2X of the industry benchmarks and Organic Reach Rate was 3X of the industry benchmark 

“Good Influencer Marketing campaigns are all in the execution. No matter how good the concepts are, you need a reliable agency partner to help see it through. We’re excited to see the results of our first campaign with flynt and are currently looking at how we can be consistent and focused with our IM Campaigns going forward. Exciting times ahead!”, says Ashish Ohlyan, Vice-President Sales and Marketing, Cholayil.

“There is a huge demand for natural, Ayurvedic skin and hair care products. For a nascent influencer marketing agency such as ourselves, it’s thrilling to help introduce or just refamiliarise people with Medimix, one of India’s most trusted brands in this space! We have set high standards for ourselves with this one and we hope to pull off even better campaigns with Medimix in the coming months,” adds Anshul Duggal, CEO and Founder, flynt.social.

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