Microsoft India's Revenue Reaches ₹9430.3Cr In FY21

The Company had a revenue of Rs 9430.3 Cr in Q1FY21, 7% up from Rs 8820.4 Cr in the previous year

Microsoft India, which produces, replicates, promotes, and sells Microsoft Retail Software products and services in India, had a revenue of Rs 9430.3 crore for the fiscal year that ended on March 31, 2021, up 7% from Rs 8820.4 crore the previous year.

The company's product-related profits fell 21.2 per cent to Rs 3397.7 crore from Rs 4311.9 crore. Operating systems, cross-device productivity apps, server apps, business solution apps, desktop and server administration tools, development tools, and video games all contribute to producing income.

Revenue from the sale of services jumped 35% to Rs 5864.7 crore from Rs 4354.6 crore. Service and other revenue include sales from cloud-based solutions that provide customers with software, services, platforms, and content such as Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Xbox Live; solution support; and consulting services.

Total expenses jumped 9% to Rs 8658 crore from Rs 7967.2 crore. Advertising promotional expenses shot up by 35% to Rs 316.7 crore from Rs 234 crore. The company's net profit fell 8.37% to Rs 572.4 crore from Rs 624.7 crore.

The company paid Rs 23.38 crore to Microsoft Online as royalty for revenue from online search advertising services. In the previous fiscal, Microsoft Corporation India had paid Rs 20.4 crore to Microsoft Online Inc as royalty.

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