82.5 Communications Helps You ‘See The Difference’ With Spexmojo.com

The unique eyewear discovery brand’s first-ever campaign of commercials asks some serious questions about your spectacles - without being serious

Spectacles are made of frames and lenses, so why pay for them separately? Asks Spexmojo.com, the omnichannel brand. The brand believes in bringing care back in the eyewear world. It creates an online repository of local opticians everywhere in India, with premium and branded frames and lenses to choose from. The concept is quite new in an online world so that one can always touch, feel, try, and only then buy their spectacles, so that they never compromise on choice, quality, or expertise. With their YOPO offer, where You Only Pay For One, the brand ensures that no one pays for frames and lenses separately, ever again.    

Through its launch commercials, Spexmojo.com educates viewers about how to buy their spectacles the right way. The brand brings alive an eye-opener campaign with fun and light-hearted communication. The ‘See the difference’ campaign comprises two sets of brand films and two of the YOPO offer films, where it first initiates a conversation about how to buy your spectacles, and then encourages viewers to vouch to never pay for their frame and lenses separately. All in a way that’ll open your eyes, while it makes you laugh.  

The campaign is conceptualised by 82.5 Communications. Naveen Raman, Sr. Vice President and Branch head, 82.5 communications – South: “The eye-care industry has seen a drastic change over the last decade and a half. The rules of the game have changed over a period of time where the consumer has been left with the short end of the stick. Spexmojo.com’s revolutionising offer aims to change that and hand over the power of choice back to the consumer. With this brief in mind, we launch the first set of hyper-local communication for Spexmojo.com The aim is to make the communication light-hearted yet hard-hitting.” 

Sangeetha Sampath and Ravikumar Cherussola, Group Creative Directors, 82.5 Communications – South: “We may wear our spectacles day and night, but we hardly ever give it a thought. We wanted to get people to question themselves if they are happy with their current spectacles. With a touch of humour. The films are supported by a robust print and digital campaign – all communicating the same thing – the power of choice is now in the spectacle wearer's hands.” 

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