Adopting Sustainable Home Decors For Festive Season

A sustainable lifestyle is one that improves one's personal health, contributes to the well-being of others, and preserves the environment

The world is slowly becoming aware and environmentally conscious about Sustainability. It can be a big and overwhelming topic. A sustainable lifestyle is a way of living that strengthens your own health, supports the well-being of other people and protects the environment. Adapting to sustainable options can prove to be fruitful in the long run. Being sustainably conscious had been the way of life during the old civilizations.

Here, we have 5 design brands suggesting ways to decorate our homes with sustainable design ideas this festive season.

Light evokes emotions while adding a layer of romance, festivity and scenography. It is the most powerful design tool that punctuates and articulates a space, creating an experiential and qualitative dimension for the inhabitants. We at, from the house of vis a vis India, brings to you designs from the most venerated designers, renowned bands, ensuring the authenticity of the creator and manufacturer” says, Siddharth Singh, Managing Partner – vis a vis.

Sustainability in lighting products can come in the form of recyclable materials, energy-efficient light sources, and sustainable production techniques.

Here are three of our favourite lamps that creatively employ sustainable LED technology to build extraordinary light objects.

Hardesh Chawla - Founder & Interior Designer, Essentia Environments says, This festive season, decorate with LED lights to stay sustainable. You could also use LED candles to light up your interiors. They come in a range of sizes, shapes and styles, so you can use them in tea light holders, or on traditional candle stands, instead of wax candles. Also go for flowers and paper buntings to add colour, rather than using plastic decorative articles.

Creative reusing of objects is another way to celebrate in a sustainable way. Use family heirlooms, collectables as accessories. Take out your silverware, brassware and tableware to do up your tabletops for a festive look. Anything with a touch of gold will add luxury and richness to your space, enhancing the festive spirit.

According to Yogesh Chaudhary, Director, Jaipur Rugs, Sustainability has become quite a buzzword today. He says, “If you look back at our local crafts you will find that their origin is based on the concept of longevity and what we now call a circular economy. By choosing products made using ancestral art forms to decorate your home, you are directly choosing a sustainable way of beautifying your home. Not only are you promoting indigenous artists, you are also choosing a way of life that is milder on the planet. Take for example hand-knotted rugs, they are considered heirlooms because they last decades and are made using sustainable traditional methods passed down over generations. By putting a little thought behind where and how your home décor products are made you can make this festive season an authentic celebration of sustainability and Indian traditions.”

Anuja Gupta from Apartment 9 says, “For far too long we have ignored the environmental impact of our festivities and it’s time we take a step back to evaluate. In just three days around Diwali each year, our carbon footprint is 3x the usual. From the choice of gifts to lighting options our choices need to be more sustainable. A few simpler ways to minimise this impact while decorating your home this year are by investing in high-quality pieces that are more durable. Fast decor is as bad as fast fashion! Or better yet, upcycle your pre-existing decor for a completely new vibe this year. Add in a few locally sourced sustainable pieces to support the artisans of our community, throw in some well-placed greens to liven up the space, and done! I would urge everyone to do their part in celebrating the festivities in more eco-conscious ways.”

The Pure Concept Home believes sustainable design to be a timeless design. It’s in an intuitive relationship with its origins, in that it takes only what it needs, and will repurpose, or reinvent according to the times. Using hand-sculpted, contemporary ceramics (clay, stoneware) and house plants in interior styling is a very simple, yet very dignified way of honouring Nature, which sustains everyone and everything. This gives ideas for their care and maintenance because ceramics are durable, and house plants will thrive according to the season and their growth cycle.

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