Agility, Resilience and Being Nimble Are The Linchpins To Win The Marketing Game - Dinesh Chhabra, Usha International

With purchase journey undergoing a massive shift, the definition of necessity is changing, with each district reflecting a different behavior. Here are the learnings of the industry expert.

With the pronouncement of the pandemic, change had to come about, for better or worse. While COVID-19 crisis is unlike anything we have experienced in the past, it sure has bestowed us with plenty of learnings- hanging in there, being relevant, communicating empathetically, are to name a few. This is essentially true for marketers who are grappling with uncertainty and aiming to build a future-proof environment for their brands.

In our conversation with Dinesh Chhabra, CEO, Usha International, at the 16th edition of the BW Marketing Whitebook 2020, he describes the crisis as a black swan event, resulting in new protocols for the companies to follow. “While the pandemic has brought the economy and livelihood down on its knees, it has also connected the world digitally. 

On the business front, with changes in players, consumers, behaviors & habits, agility, resilience and being nimble are the linchpins for them to get into the ‘A’game,” he says.

Elaborating on the changes in consumer behavior that have emerged out of the new normal, he reveals, “Purchase journey has undergone a massive shift. The definition of necessity is changing, with each district reflecting a different behavior. All this while, the market size became irrelevant as targets were constantly moving.”

With brands pivoting to digital ways of doing businesses, Chabbra also expressed how consumers are now expecting a seamless digital experience. “Being relevant, ramping up digital consumer engagement and experiencing a digital-first environment (from buying to payment), can be called the upshots of the pandemic. 

To add, rural India saw a surge in digital demand. It has become even more important for marketers to capture their mind and need share now,” he opines.

Talking of how the future looks to him, Chabbra believes, “We all must learn to navigate through the challenges and be risk-ready. We need to be navigating the economy at a micro level, as each village, city & state are exhibiting a different behavior.

I also anticipate the mom-and-pop shops to be at the top, as opposed to malls. The sooner we wire them, the better it is.”

He concludes by saying that in order to strive online and offline, it is important that both these ends play their individual part well, and participate in the holistic growth of the brand.