Ambi Parameswaran Announces His New Book: SPRING – Bouncing Back From Rejection

The book aims to motivate people, asking them to “Spring” back to action following any form of rejection.

Best-selling author and advertising veteran, Ambi Parameswaran announces his next book, ‘SPRING – Bouncing Back From Rejection’. Known for his lucid style of writing and his knack for developing engaging content, Ambi has put down the various stories of rejection from his own life as well as those encountered by some of the biggest names across various fields of work like business, design, arts, entertainment, etc.

The book published by Westland Publications under their Business Imprint – Westland Business is aimed at 20 to 40-year olds who are struggling with challenges and rejection fears.  Spring is packed with tales of rejection and redemption. From Walt Disney, The Beatles, Thomas Alva Edison, Michael Jordan, to Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, the founders of Infosys, author Amish and others have all used rejections as a pivot to swing their careers and businesses around.

Every challenge, every rejection can be used as a springboard to become a little better at what you do, to become a better professional, a better entrepreneur and a better executive.. Spring shares the stories of how successful business leaders, sportspersons, artists, authors, entrepreneurs managed to spring back to action overcoming rejection and other barriers.

Speaking about the book, Ambi Parameswaran said, “The title of this book was derived from the fundamental of the metal object called ‘spring’, an object that has the tendency to always bounce back into its original shape, no matter how pressurized or affected it may get by external forces. Using the stories in the book as a springboard, I hope readers will be able to find their internal spring, to overcome all odds and achieve their goals.”

'With Spring the author puts a gentle arm around your shoulders and helps you bounce back stronger than ever from every rejection.'