American Public Opinion Sharply Against Mob: Report

Overnight polling finds support for election challenge also weakening

In overnight polling by Ipsos, we find the American public moving decisively to oppose the protestors who broke into the Capitol while support for Trump and Republicans contesting the election has declined. However, beyond opposition to these acts, division remains on many underlying beliefs surrounding these events.

"Clearly, violence and rioting has been widely denounced. It is unfortunate, things took an ugly turn," said the Country Service Line Leader, Public Affairs, Ipsos India, Parijat Chakraborty.

“US has always set an example of a robust democracy and high ideals, for other nations to emulate. This is a climb down,” added Chakraborty.    

Detailed Findings

The large majority of Americans oppose the “protesters who broke into the Capitol to disrupt the election certification.”

The number opposed climbed from 70% last night to 83% this morning.

Americans across the political divide are united in opposing these protestors with virtually all Democrats (97%) and a supermajority of Republicans (70%).

A similar number (83%) agree the protestors who broke into the Capitol should be arrested.

Fewer than one in three Americans continue to support Trump and Republican efforts to contest the election. 

This number has dropped from about a third (34-35%) last night to two in five (28-29%) this morning.

Two thirds of Republicans continue to support efforts to contest the election.

Fewer than one in five (17%) agree “this protest and unrest is necessary to protect America,” down from 31% last night.

Beyond these events, opinions remain divided among Americans suggesting despite the outrageous nature, it has not transcended pre-existing cleavages.

Half of Americans (51%) agree “Donald Trump should be immediately removed from office for promoting this unrest”. 

This is roughly the same amount as wanted Trump impeached and removed from office in January 2021 suggesting no major realignment of attitudes.