BFSI Sector's Television Ad Volumes Increases By 7%: Report

While Print and Radio each saw 11% growth in ad volume in Jan-Mar'22, it was 8% for Digital according to TAM AdEx report

According to a TAM AdEx report on the industry across media for the period of  January to March 22, the BFSI sector's television ad volumes increases by 7% from January to March of last year.

While print advertising increases by 11% between January and March of this year compared to January and March of last year, radio advertising increased by 11%, and digital advertising increased by 8%.

In terms of BFSI categories, Life Insurance had the most amount of TV advertisements (31%). Over 70% of the sector's total volume of advertisements fell into the top five categories. The top 10 advertisers between January and March of this year made up more than 60% of the total volume of ads, with LIC leading the field with a 25% stake. From Jan-Mar 22, the top ten BFSI brands contributed 49% of the total ad volume, with LIC-IPO at the top of the list.

Between January and March 22 the news and movie genres were the two most popular ones in the industry. Together, the top two TV channel genres accounted for more than 80% of the BFSI sector's ad volume share from January to March of this year.

In print, there was a noteworthy increase of 11% in ad space from January to March of this year versus January to March of last year. With 24 percent of the ad space, Life Insurance and Audited/Unaudited Financial Report each had a similar share of the BFSI sector in print. During the period of January through March of this year, LIC held the top advertiser position in the market with a share of the ad space of 27%. The top ten categories and advertisers had a portion of the ad space of 92% and 45%, respectively. LIC occupied the top spot on the list of advertisers, and half of its brands accounted for about one-fourth of all the print ad space.

Furthermore, English-language dailies led the market with a 52 percent share of the ad space. Together, the top five publication languages increased their market share of ad space by 87%. With 59 percent of the sector's ad space, general interest publications are the most popular.

Meanwhile on Radio, indexed ad volume growth of the BFSI sector grew by 11% during JanMar'22 compared to Jan-Mar'21. Unlike TV and print, on Radio, the Housing/Construction Loans category topped with 31% of the total BFSI ad volumes. Top ten categories added more than 95% share of sector ad volumes while the top ten advertisers added 79% share of ad volumes during Jan-Mar'22 among which LIC of India led the list. In radio, LIC Housing Finance led the list of top ten brands, accounting for more than 60% share of ad volumes in JanMar’22.

On digital, ad insertions grew by 8% during Jan-Mar’22 compared to the same period last year. On the medium, Life Insurance category was on top with 28% share of the sector's advertising and top ten categories added 93% share of sector ad insertions on Digital. Also the top ten advertisers had 53% share of ad insertions during Jan-Mar'22 with LIC of India on top of the list adding 18% share. The top ten brands accounted for 44% share of ad insertions in Jan-Mar’22 with LIC New Jeevan Anand leading the list.

Ad Network was the top transaction method for digital advertising of the BFSI sector in Jan-Mar’22 and programmatic/ad network and programmatic transaction methods together captured more than 25% share of BFSI ad insertions on digital.

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