Bikano Connects Motherly Love To Their Frozen Food Range

The TVC tells the story of a set of Indian parents trying to connect with their young son living far away

Snack and packaged food manufacturing company, Bikano, has launched their latest TVC about how no matter where Indian children live, their bond with their parents and their ;Maa ke haath ka khana' always remains strong. 

Regarding the TVC and its resulting effects, Mr. Manish Aggarwal, Director, Bikano, Bikanervala Foods Pvt Limited says, “For Indians, Maa ke haath ka khana is always the best, no matter where we go. And on all special occasions, all that we want is to taste that wholesome goodness of homemade Indian fare. Since that’s not easy for people living abroad, Bikano has decided to bring to them ‘Maa ka Pyaar, Ma ka Dulaar’ wrapped in frozen packs of Bikano Punjabi Samosa, Bikano Shahi Paneer, Bikano Garlic Tandoori Naan and Bikano Paneer Pakoda. All they have to do is warm or fry them, as required, and suddenly the aromas wafting from your dining table will remind you of your mother’s kitchen no matter where you may live. We are glad that with this new TVC we have been able to touch the hearts of several Indians living far away from their mothers and hope they now know that they can count on Bikano’s frozen food range to satiate the craving for quality homemade Indian food.”  

The TVC tells the story of a set of Indian parents trying to connect with their young son on his birthday, living far away, while the mother wishes she could again cook for him all the delicacies he loves. When they finally catch up on a video call, they ask him about the plans for his birthday. The son walks them over to the dining table to show a complete Indian meal, just like his loving mother used to cook for him every day. As the mother gets teary-eyed and wishes him ‘Happy Birthday’, a voiceover conveys the moment succinctly in the following words – “Bikano's Frozen Food - Ma ka Pyaar, Ma Ka Dulaar aur Ma ke haatho ka swadisht khana, desh main aur desh ke bahar bhi.” 

Mr. Dawinder Pal, Head of Marketing at Bikano says, “Indian food is as essential to us Indians as our mother’s love. If you are living away from your home, having access to your favourite Indian meals is like a luxury. Observing this opportunity in the market, Bikano has decided to come up with an Indian ready-to-eat food range. So, if Indians want to indulge in some hearty wholesome Indian meals now, they can get the entire range of the Bikano frozen foods that comes with our brand promise of quality. With this heart-touching TVC, we want to deepen the awareness of this particular productline with our target audience and also hope to see an increase in our frozen pack sales.” 

Mr. Pal also added how the company’s newest plant in Hyderabad was coming up to speed, in terms of sales and distribution channels, to ensure that their entire range of authentic Indian namkeen and sweet offerings are found at every store, market, and mega-market not only in the North but also the South of India.

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