Business/Market Essentials for Ecommerce Platforms in B2B businesses

We setup a B2B platform where their buyers from across the globe could access their collection and place orders for their products online.

Most business and marketing managers consider Ecommerce only for B2C businesses where you can sell directly to the customer. But what some B2B businesses and marketing managers may not realise is that eCommerce can be equally effective for B2B businesses too. With the digital era, consumers have gotten used to the seamless shopping experience of eCommerce. Ecommerce does not necessarily imply an online purchase of products or services via credit card or other payment methods. Ecommerce means enabling commerce using the Electronic medium and B2B can certainly reap the numerous benefits of the system for the growth and evolution of their business.

With the outbreak of corona virus restricting the movement of both, business operations & consumers, it is becoming more imperative to turn to the digital world and drive commerce through electronic medium. Most businesses, in order to survive today, are concentrating to create more robust and efficient marketing plans. In such conditions, eCommerce can be one such key enabler for B2B businesses.

Here are few key benefits of deploying eCommerce for B2B businesses - 

Improved Sales: A powerful eCommerce site enables you to implement an automated sell and up-sell recommending program, help offer relevant suggestions based on customer search and needs thereby encouraging effective sales and engage in the future on purchase-related item or items with improved features

Increase in the customer base: A B2B eCommerce site with all your products is a powerful way to reach and market to new B2B customers. As B2B buyers engage online to find best prices along with best quality of products, manufacturers and wholesalers can leverage the power of search and reach

Enhanced Efficiencies: With the integration of ERP eCommerce, having an eCommerce presence can be more beneficial for B2B organizations. The convenience of online orders, better customer service, efficiency in data handling and sorting, simplicity of order taking, faster shipping, and increase in order output are a few of the enhanced efficiencies which can be incorporated into one's B2B businesses with a robust eCommerce engine

Adaptable: A customised and effective eCommerce solution will enable B2B organizations to expand and scale business by exploring worldwide marketplaces and generate demand and supply to customer needs by opening new sales and distribution channels. Thereby, enabling and growing in new markets and segments as a whole.

More Brand Awareness: One of the most effective ways, B2B businesses can incorporate brand awareness is through an impeccable eCommerce site. With an effective eCommerce solution and integration of relevant pages and information about your business, one can enable search engines. Further, it also helps to improve sites search engine optimization, boosting the chances of your target audience and engaging with you

We at Kwebmaker have worked with companies across sectors (jewellery, realty, textiles, finance, large trading houses, etc.) and helped them increase their market and global footprint using Electronic Commerce (eCommerce) effectively and efficiently.

On the onset of the lockdown, one of India’s largest and leading Textile companies had their representatives travel across the length and breadth of India with physical samples of their textile products to showcase wholesalers and generate sales. Due to the pandemic and lack of travel options, we devised a productive solution catering to their specific needs and objectives and quickly setup a B2B eCommerce platform for them which allowed the brand to give access to all their B2B partners across the country as well as overseas to access their latest products and collection and place order online hassle-free and conveniently. Such quick steps help any business, small, medium, or big, to remain sustained in the economy changes.

Similarly, for one of India’s leading Jewellery Manufacturer and Exporter - we setup a B2B platform where their buyers from across the globe could access their collection and place orders for their products online. B2B eCommerce also allows a lot of customisation and options like that were handled by them.

B2B eCommerce can also be linked to your company’s ERP, Accounting, and CRM solutions, be it in SAP, Salesforce, HubSpot or any customised software. The B2B Ecommerce principles apply to businesses across sectors and industries. All businesses can utilise Electronic / Digital to enhance their Commerce and grow their business and markets.

While it is essential to maintain offline business, your pathway to growth should also include an online eCommerce site offering your business the opportunity to spot and engage with and cater to a pool of new audiences and potential customers.

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