CARS24 Introduces New Feature In Association With Google

This voice-based experience will help users calculate an accurate valuation of their cars using its price algorithm-based tool

CARS24 introduces a feature using Google Assistant, enabling customers to sell cars online using the convenience of voice.  Using this functionality, customers can arrive at a valuation for their cars using CARS24’s algorithm-based tool – enabling them to sell their cars easily and quickly. 

The tool is developed using an algorithm that calculates the accurate valuation of a car based on various attributes including model, age, mileage, inspection report among others. Designed to be user-friendly for the car sellers, it helps them determine the price of their vehicle more accurately based on the above factors and demand-supply conditions in the market. The pricing engine takes inputs from the everyday prices of thousands of cars, which get auctioned at CARS24.

“We are glad to roll out this feature to help our customers get an up-to-date valuation of their cars via our advanced algorithm-based tool and simplify the buying and selling process. As a tech enabled platform, we are continuously investing in our technology to advance our tools and making the journey of our customers hassle-free,” commented the Co-founder and CMO of CARS24, Gajendra Jangid. 

The feature will be available on all the devices that support Google Assistant.  It will also work on smart devices like Google Nest Mini, Nest Hub and others that support Google Assistant.  All a user needs to do is ask, 'Ok Google, Talk to CARS24.'