Covid-19 Diminishes By 3% In Nov Over October As The Biggest Worry: Survey

India is 4th in optimism among 27 countries. Preceded by Saudi Arabia (82%), Malaysia (61%) and Australia (59%), in the direction the country is taking

One in two urban Indians (50%) believe COVID-19 is our biggest worry though it has slightly diminished over previous month (-3 percentage points). India is ranked 12th on this issue globally, tied with the US at the 12th spot. The hope of a vaccine soon could be leading to some bit of hope, even as the numbers of those infected continue to climb up.

India continues to beat the global mood of pessimism with at least 58% believing, India is moving in the right direction What are the other top worries?

Some of the other worries mentioned by urban Indians include: 

Unemployment (43%) is once again the second greatest concern for the Indian public. And on the global scale, India is ranked 8th in the pecking order, tied in with Argentina, Chile and Israel. 

Crime and Violence (33%) is the third biggest worry (globally, it is the 5th biggest worry), India is ranked 7th of the 27 markets in levels of concern on this issue. 

Financial Political Corruption (27%) is the fourth major concern but in relative terms India ranks 11 th place globally on this measure. Poverty & Social Inequality (23%) is the fifth mentioned concern. Though India is ranked 20th globally on this worry, amongst 27 markets.

58% of Indians say the nation is heading in the right direction, while the global view is the opposite with at least 64% global citizens believing, their country is on the wrong track. India is 4th in optimism among 27 countries. Preceded by Saudi Arabia (82%), Malaysia (61%) and Australia (59%). 

Top five Global issues in India

1) COVID-19 (47%) 1) COVID-19 (50%)

2) Unemployment (38%) 2) Unemployment (43%)

3) Poverty/Social inequality (29%) 3) Crime and Violence (33%)

4) Financial/Political corruption (27%) 4) Financial & Political Corruption (30%)

5) Crime and violence (26%) 5) Poverty and social inequality (23%)

“With hopes of a vaccine coming, worry has declined to some extent, by 3%, despite the mounting numbers of those infected with Covid19. Indians are learning to live with the virus, though there are worries of earning livelihood, with at least 43% being concerned about joblessness. Indians continue to be more resilient and optimistic vis-à-vis global citizens,” commented the CEO of Ipsos India, Amit Adarkar.

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