Digital Marketing Strategies For A 'New' World

61% of Twitter audiences in India think it is 'a lot more important' for companies to behave in more sustainable/eco-friendly ways post the COVID-19 outbreak, writes Twitter's Marketing Head

This past year taught us that no matter how much we plan and prepare, everything is susceptible to change. Undoubtedly, 2020 will be remembered as a tough year for marketers and brands, and yet, it was the year that all of us learned to be nimble. 

While the pandemic may have caused consumers to behave differently, it’s interesting to evaluate how much of this is permanent and what does this mean for consumer behaviour? More importantly, how do we turn these insights into actionable strategies? Let’s use our collective experiences as marketers in 2020 as an opportunity to learn, and moving into 2021, plan for success in this “new” world. 

Here are 5 key strategies and insights that draw on the best practices from the multiple brand activations and campaigns on Twitter in the past year, and can act as a helpful guide as we plan our campaigns for 2021: 

  1. Lean Into Conversations

The brands last year that stood out were those that leaned into conversations and communicated with their consumers in a meaningful way. Audiences want to have an authentic experience with brands and the best way to do that is by leaning into a conversation. We will see marketers drawing content from actual consumer experiences and user-generated conversations.

In Q4 2020 we saw an increase in conversation volume* year on year around a multitude of topics like sports (132%), entertainment (72%), financial services (102%), gaming (63%) etc.

  1. Design For Participation

Interactivity has heightened in the past year and this is going to continue. Encouraging participation and engagement will help brands stand out and connect with their consumers. 2020 also saw an explosion of virtual events from launches, to digital music festivals, and even a phygital store opening where the key parameter for success was engagement. It is imperative for brands to design for participation going forward.

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  1. Be More Human

The brands that lead their storytelling with empathy and connect genuinely with their audiences will stand out. In fact, brands that exhibit their authenticity by staying true to their purpose across their communication stand to have a better consumer connect. Connecting with consumers in a personalised manner and building a message that speaks to them will cultivate trust and ultimately drive actions for your brand. The focus should be on forging purposeful connections with our consumers, empathising and adapting to their needs and delivering a message that resonates with them in the most human way possible. 

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  1. Sustainability, Diversity And Inclusion

While 2020 was all about change and adoption, 2021 will be about walking the talk. Consumers now more than ever will demand proof that brands are committed towards building a more inclusive work environment and towards their commitments to build a more equitable future. Marketing has to be more authentic and representative. Brands need to show us what they say they are, and what they care about, and then stick to it.

61%** of Twitter audiences in India think it is 'a lot more important' for companies to behave in more sustainable/eco-friendly ways post the COVID-19 outbreak. 

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  1. Rise Of The Content Creator

Digital content creators and their influence has been on the rise over the past few years but with everyone working from home, this influence turned into an opportunity. From a slew of genres like food, fitness, photography, and technology, voices on the internet impacted people’s decision-making and consumption patterns. Brands are in many ways leveraging these creators and working with them to create content that is not just relevant to the consumer but also extremely engaging.  

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As we move from the panic pivot to a more purposeful reinvention, creating relevant and credible content that benefits the user will remain at the core of what we do as digital marketers. 

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