Divo Expands Its Offerings To Digital Marketing Domain

This division comprises a 15-member team, with associates from media companies

Divo expands its offerings to digital, content and influencer marketing services. The team realizes a huge market opportunity in the digital marketing domain.

This division comprises a 15-member team, with associates from media companies.

Divo has been working very closely with content creators and talents in growing their digital presence since 2014. And now with brands and advertisers heavily investing in branded content and influencer marketing, Divo aims at providing integrated solutions that fill the gap for content creators and fit the brand’s overall communication, without breaking the USPs of the content creators.

“With traditional mediums like print magazines, newspapers, OOH either shutting down or facing a huge hit in terms of readership/subscriptions, we noticed that brands and companies are aligning their budgets to online platforms and noticing the importance of influencer marketing. This made it a perfect time for us to launch this new division as we foresee the influencer market growing tremendously over the next 2 years. While we have already been catering to brands for the past couple of years, more from a reactive requirement, this focussed approach will be more proactive and to grow the agency division with a concerted approach,” expressed the Founder & Directory of Divo, Shahir Muneer, speaking on the new division.