How Will Online Marketplaces Boost The Need For Packaging?

Packaging has become part of a successful marketing and brand messaging campaign, while the ecommerce platforms are the ones who are supporting this growth

In today's fast-paced era, where we are experiencing an ecommerce boom, packaging has been playing a significant role in almost every product in circulation. In today's online marketplace, packaging can make a real difference by giving brands an edge and making them stand out. Moreover, it has become part of the brand messaging by defining the visual appeal of the brand. Therefore, designers and marketers view this as an opportunity to create an impression on the customers.

Furthermore, the pandemic accelerated the usage of online portals, and as online purchases had to be safely delivered to customers all over the world, the demand for packaging increased dramatically. A report from Mordor Intelligence predicts that the Indian packaging market will grow at a CAGR of 12.60 per cent throughout the forecast period (2022 - 2027).

Having many advantages for a brand, packaging has become part of a successful marketing and brand messaging campaign, while the ecommerce platforms are the ones who are supporting this growth. Let us now delve into how online marketplaces can significantly increase demand for packaging.

How can online marketplaces proliferate the demand for packaging?

Ecommerce packaging has the potential to increase brand sales, increase customer loyalty and strengthen brand positioning in the market. In today's omnichannel world, the packaging is the first point of contact with customers during an online purchase, determining whether they will become regular customers or not. The demand for the packaging will increase if it caters to the demands of the customers.

Safe packaging enhances the customer experience

Most ecommerce businesses consider high-quality packaging to be an extra expense. However, proper packaging significantly reduces the company's costs because it protects the product from damage during shipping, reducing the probability of customers returning it. In an online purchase, good packaging can mean the difference between customer loyalty and negative feedback. Therefore, brands must focus on the requirements of the customer and guarantee that the item reaches them as quickly as possible in excellent condition.

Successful brand messaging in the digital space

As consumers research products or services online before making purchase decisions, the so-called "First Moment of Truth" (FMOT) of a product's visual impact on the retail shelf has become critical in online markets. To make a good first impression, brand messaging on these digital platforms must be significant. Rather than shipping a plain cardboard box, a brand can customise a box with its logo and brand name on the outside of the tape, instantly making it more interesting to customers. As customers become accustomed to a different experience, the demand for appealing packaging grows.

On-time delivery and an omnichannel approach

Ecommerce necessitates omnichannel branding and primary packaging designs that can be used both online and in-store. If the customers get the same experience at their doorstep as they get in a brick-and-mortar store, the chances are higher that they will stay loyal customers for a longer time. Not only does the brand's packaging increase the value of the product once it is in the customer's hands, but it can also take advantage of opportunities to improve web imagery while boosting customer excitement and providing them with an idea of what to expect when they place an order. As a result, customers want timely deliveries at the scheduled time or earlier after placing an order online. Therefore, there is a good chance that the customer will place their next order with you if you honour the scheduled delivery time and make sure the package arrives at the recipient on time or earlier.

Collectively, all these factors increase the demand for ordering the product from online marketplaces and, hence, improve the growth prospects for a good packaging service.

All things considered

By 2025, the packaging industry's market size is predicted to reach USD 204.81 Billion, according to the Packaging Industry Association of India (PIAI). With this astonishing growth, the brands on the online marketplaces now have a new physical touchpoint to engage and entice customers through visually appealing packaging. When executed properly, it improves the shopping experience, reduces return rates, gives the customers a sense of care, and helps your brand stand out from the competition.

In addition to safeguarding the product, ecommerce packaging can serve as both its form of advertising and the key to winning over new clients and keeping them coming back for more. It is a critical first impression and a visceral, brand-crafted experience, not just a means of concealment. Online marketplaces are speeding up the processes involved in making packaging that tells your brand's story, creates meaningful connections with your customers, and makes a huge impact on first-time buyers. All it will require is some creativity, both inside and outside the box.

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