Hrithik Roshan Features In Beardo's Digital Campaign

What goes behind Don Beardo is a man; every man wants to be

Beardo launches its digital campaign 'Arrival of Don Beardo' featuring the celebrity Hrithik Roshan.

The vision behind the campaign is to inspire men to hone their personalities by unleashing the Beardo within.

“Conceptualising DON Beardo’s character was a very personal journey for us. We imagined him to be an epitome of everything we stand for - Alpha, intense, charismatic, suave, worthy, sexy, someone you look up to, yet are in awe of his power, and he is always styled to kill (well not literally!). In simple words Don Beardo is a man; every man wants to be. Casting Hrithik in this campaign was a conscious decision as we felt he could imbibe all these qualities and portray them effortlessly on screen – and we are overwhelmed by the results. We at Beardo are committed to celebrating men’s attractiveness & style. with the Arrival of Don Beardo, we make visualising it, a real possibility,” expresses the CEO of Beardo, Sujot Malhotra commenting on the campaign. 

Hrithik Roshan says, “What I like the most about the campaign - 'Don Beardo' is that it promotes being your true self. How you look and how you feel are two key instigators to going about your daily life. The campaign, in line with the core purpose of the products, is to enhance confidence and seize the day, for yourself. I believe, it is a means for self-care and Beardo as a brand is - all about you, the person standing in front of the mirror. So feel good, look good and set out to have a good day!”