Intel’s Campaign Aims To Strike A Chord With Gen Z

The campaign aims to position Intel’s 11th Gen Core processor as the key device for enabling ‘creation’ in today’s world

Carat has joined hands with Arré to launch an innovative campaign for Intel. The campaign aims to position Intel’s 11th Gen Core processor as the key device for enabling ‘creation’ in today’s world. It also allows Personal Computer shoppers to imagine and unleash all the things that they can accomplish with the device. For the record, Arré focuses on offering premium original entertainment content across languages, genres, and formats (video, audio, texts, doodles) that is distributed across OTT and linear platforms including their own. 

Keeping the brief and objective in mind, Intel intends to drive preference & consideration by creating engaging & innovative ways to communicate with younger audiences and tech enthusiasts. The campaign zeroes downArré’s essays and short social content formats such as doodles and fiction-simulated chat videos. The brand has leveraged a mix of Arré Reads, Doodles & mobile intuitive formats due to its conversational nature and the ability to strike a chord with the ever-elusive Gen Z audience. 

The doodle series, for this campaign with Intel, titled ‘So You Can…’, is a two-panel creative format that allows audiences to compare life before and after an event (i.e. before and after owning a machine powered by an Intel Processor). Lastly, Arré’s mobile intuitive format is a fun way of short storytelling through fictionalised WhatsApp conversations of influencers in a 2-3 minute vertical video. The campaign is positioned around ‘Breaking the Boundaries of Performance’. It underlines the 11th Gen Intel Core processor’s messaging of Integrated AI, Iris XE graphic card and Intel Wi-Fi. Additionally, it also highlights Creativity + Connectivity + Productivity, which is significant from a user’s perspective.

Anita Kotwani, Chief Executive Officer, Carat India said, “We are proud to be at the forefront of thinking out of the box for our clients and leveraging audience insights in every aspect of our campaign. We understand that if we want to speak to Gen Z, we must speak their language and also appeal to the creator’s economy by becoming a part of it.”

Niyati Merchant, Executive Vice President and Head of Operations, Arré said, “Our partnership with Intel was yet another multi-format content initiative across Arré Reads, doodles and short format video that gave way to innovation in messaging and sharp writing. We are excited that this collaboration has won so much praise and deep engagement from our readers and viewers. We look forward to a long-term collaboration with Intel and Carat.” 

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