Nestlé India Pronounced as BW PuRe Company of the Year 2020

Nestlé India is an exemplar of investing in People, Purpose & Partnerships

For its continued commitment towards Covid relief efforts inclusive of not only initiatives for safeguarding its own employees' benefits and wellbeing but also the likes of ‘Nesternship’ program that aimed to help India’s youth; for continued investments towards building brand love for the likes of Maggi with community reaching efforts such as ‘Maggi Desh Ke Liye’ initiatives; for unique initiatives with Kit Kat celebrating India’s travel experiences, while continuing to grow in the FMCG sector in India, Nestlé India is BW PuRe Company of the Year Award 2020.

Speaking at the second edition of BW PuRe Awards, Nestle India, Chairman and Managing Director, Suresh Narayanan said that purpose and resilience are the most important elements that define organizations during the pandemic. “For long, businesses have been in the pursuit of growth and profits and words such as compassion, empathy and resilience are reached out only in times of difficulties. We need to look at these virtues in good times as well,” he said.  

Covid-19 pandemic disrupted a large part of businesses, but this disruption opened up the scope of newer opportunities and organizations that grab these opportunities are set to emerge winners in the long run. 

Food companies have a responsibility to leverage their in-depth knowledge of nutrition, quality and safety in order to innovate and adapt to this new normal.  Highlighting this, Narayanan stated, “The organizations have to make a pledge to themselves and to the society they serve, that people, purpose and partnerships will be central to their existence as companies, and that profits and growth are the rewards of the efforts that they put in on these three factors.”

He reiterated that Nestlé has been putting its purpose for the last 150 years in unlocking the power of food that is its heartbeat and defines it as a company of repute, scale and global standing. Nestlé’s recent campaign, Maggi- Desh Ke Lia 2 minutes’, is an initiative to propel the forces in health, sanitation and cooperation that have been the three pillars which are most essentials during this pandemic.  

Elaborating on more such initiatives in the year, Narayanan said, “As a company, we have believed in sustainability, CSR and climate change initiatives but with tangibility. When a project like ‘Jagriti’ impacts more than three million adolescents in over 20 states we are grateful that we have been able to make an impact. When four hundred thousand kids are able to go to school and expect clean drinking water and sanitation facilities, we are grateful.”  

During the pandemic, Nestlé’s endeavor was to keep the supply lines flowing for farmers as the company wants to build its culture around purpose and values. “My colleagues and I have a lot to be thankful for, because we work for a company like Nestlé where values, ethics, compassion, dignity and respect matter at all times,” concluded Narayanan.