Oracle, GDI Partner To Help Safeguard Ad Spend

Due to the complexity of the adtech ecosystem, brands have increasingly struggled to keep track of their ad placements

Oracle has collaborated with The Global Disinformation Index (GDI), an independent non-profit that provides trusted, non-partisan ratings to assess a site’s disinformation risk, to help marketers safeguard ad spend and protect brands from inadvertently supporting disinformation sites.

The proliferation of disinformation online has forced the adtech industry to rethink its approach to brand safety as marketers call for more transparency and control over where their ads are placed. Due to the complexity of the adtech ecosystem, brands have increasingly struggled to keep track of their ad placements. With many players along the advertising supply chain, brands can end up inadvertently advertising on – and in turn, funding – websites with disinformation, or news designed to mislead readers. In fact, it’s estimated that more than a quarter billion dollars are paid to disinformation sites on behalf of well-known brands each year.

To prevent placements on disinformation sites, brands require a proactive, always-on brand safety approach that helps marketers identify suitable environments while avoiding brand-damaging ones. Today, we’re proud to make an announcement of our collaboration with The Global Disinformation Index (GDI).

Offering an additional layer of brand protection to marketers, GDI’s risk rating analysis powers a new Oracle Contextual Intelligence safety segment for potentially false information. Marketers can opt in to use the segment to block the domains categorized as high-risk for disinformation, and avoid targeting these sites for ads moving forward. Available since June, marketers currently using Oracle’s pre-bid brand safety solutions automatically have access to this new segment. Using Oracle Moat Measurement, marketers can also understand, measure and optimize campaigns based on this new segment to ensure an end-to-end brand safety strategy. With increased visibility, marketers can now make more informed decisions about where ads are served, protect brand reputation and execute campaigns with confidence.

GDI combines advanced machine learning technology with community-driven, standardized risk rating methodologies to provide transparent, independent, neutral and scalable disinformation risk ratings of online publishers around the world. 

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