Paysharp Brings B2B Payment Solutions For Indian Enterprises

The fintech startup is looking to expand its B2B product offerings and increase footprints pan-India

Paysharp brings B2B Payment Solutions with flat charges for Indian enterprises. Paysharp offers a flat charge of ₹12 for all transactions beyond ₹2000. Paysharp has achieved profitability within 7 months of its launch. The fintech startup is looking to expand its B2B product offerings and increase footprints pan-India.

Small to big companies in the B2B sector in India are still making their payments manually by logging into the internet banking portals of different banks. At times, they even make the payments via cheques. This means time and resource consumption for all payments and reconciliation. Due to the manual nature of the payments, month-end reconciliation, handling cancellations, and refunds are also more complicated than necessary.

One of the major reasons companies still chooses manual payment solutions is because most of the payment solutions automate the payments and charge a huge percentage per transaction. Due to the size of B2B transactions, these charges add up quickly, and companies end with incremental costs running into thousand and lakhs even if the charge is just 1%. These charges are attracted by high-value transactions that quickly shrink the profit margins.

A flat fee payment solution for NEFT, RTGS, and IMPS payments along with enterprise-grade automated reconciliations makes Paysharp attractive to B2B businesses. Paysharp provides virtual account creations for collections from different partners along with easy to integrate APIs that one may need to accept payments through websites.

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