Responsible Gaming, Stellar Security & Importance To Build A Trustworthy Brand

All genuine and safe poker platforms should have a stringent checking mechanism in place to ensure the bots do not interfere with the application

In the recent past, online gaming has evolved and witnessed an exemplar shift in India where skill based real money gaming such as poker has hit the parade among a rapidly growing player base. The traditional game of Poker is a worldwide recognized sport. However, it has drastically become more popular in the last decade with the occurrence of multiple online poker operators.

On the other hand, with substantial growth and technology evolution, there has been a rise in people misusing them. Bot farm is a major concern not only on the poker platforms, but many industries have fallen prey to them. Hence, it has become imperative for real money gaming companies to attach a great a deal of importance to players' safety and introduce a system in place in case of any discrepancy for a better gaming experience.

All genuine and safe poker platforms should have a stringent checking mechanism in place to ensure the bots do not interfere with the application. Nowadays, players first identify and then select a safe and secured platform where they can put their knowledge of the game and expertise to a fair play. So, it is crucial for poker operators to further tighten the security and should have appropriate checks at random intervals for the presence of any bots at the table.

Security Factors

It’s easy to be bogged down by the thought of having to choose between multiple poker platforms on which to set base and enjoy the game. However, a player can narrow down the possibilities by checking the following factors that all genuine and safe poker platforms employ.

· RNG Certification – The Random Number Generator Certification duly tells you that the only aspect of playing on that site would be your skill level because the cards dealt are completely random and no amount of mathematics or knowledge of probability can tell you what the next card would be. This gives a player assurance that every card dealt is completely random with no possibility of detecting patterns or exploiting loops.

· KYC Review – A poker platform that ensures due diligence with respect to the documents it asks players is that one can rely on for the safety of the winnings. All secured poker platforms insist that any cash out request will only be processed after the PAN card attached to the profile is verified and the cash out will only be deposited in a bank account attached to that PAN card.

In addition, one of the country’s prestigious gaming platform has already generated a CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart), which protects the website against bots and carries out random checks at tables by generating and grading tests that humans can pass but computer programs cannot.

Build Trust Among Players

The second most important feature to practice responsible online gaming for real money is to create a robust and foolproof system to ensure that all the deposited money is systematically associated with the players’ account. Players should have their disposal via various payment gateways to facilitate quick transfer of funds to their poker wallet and all withdrawals should be routed through the bank account associated with the players’ PAN card to ensure the money reaches the rightful owner on time. This integration between the gaming software and the accounts management system gives the player the confidence to deposit freely and withdraw whenever they wish to enjoy their well-deserved earnings. This will immediately set excellent standards for the platform to build trust among players.

Perhaps, these are the most important aspects of any online poker platform to establish and build its credibility and add the element of competition as a legit player in the gaming industry. With this approach, players can explore their options and can opt for the best and reliable poker sites where they can showcase their knowledge, ability, and skills.

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