SkinKraft's First Film Questions Stereotypes

'I am my type' ad film is being released with a 360 degree multimedia plan pan-India across Tv, Print, Digital, Theatre and Outdoor

We are all unique and one of a kind. With different names, gender, languages, religion, food habits, philosophies, countries, political instincts and professions, why should our skin and hair care be generic and not tailored to just us? The Power of One. 

Women today are refusing to bog themselves down with stereotypes and are out there to celebrate their uniqueness. SkinKraft Laboratories has launched its first brand film and stands in solidarity with this. The film talks about breaking the shackles which try to pigeonhole them. “I am my type” ad film is being released with a 360 degree multimedia plan pan-India across Tv, Print, Digital, Theatre and Outdoor.

Description: SkinKraft | India's Only Customized SkinCare & HairCare Regimen | #iammytype

Gone are the days when you would stereotype a traditional looking girl as ‘meek’ and ‘shy’, today she is fighting and speaking up for the ones who can’t. A woman with crazy blue hair is as crazy about saving a life as a surgeon. 

The film conceptualized by Lintas creative solutions and directed by ace filmmaker Aloke Shetty shows the many situations how society tries to typecast and bind women. The world likes to stereotype women into being forward because of how they dress, assuming to be divorced because of a successful career, and to saying women are the weaker sex without considering the sheer strength is takes to give birth to another human being. 

“The beauty landscape is moving away from mass production to bespoke personalised solution and experiences. SkinKraft , an AI- driven skin and hair care brand was born out of two undeniable truths. First: to rescue women caught in an unrewarding cycle of experimentation in the quest to find good skin and haircare products. Second: to avoid churning out generic formulations in the mass market. With the brand film we are trying to imbibe the same ideology that just like a woman’s individuality, her skin and hair is also unique and hence needs a beauty and wellness regime that is created just for her," comments Chaitanya Nallan Co-founder & CEO, SkinKraft.

Speaking on the film, Aloke Shetty, Director of the film, said, “ When we heard about Skinkraft and their concept of personalised beauty solutions, the first question we asked ourselves is how do we bring in that differentiation in the film narrative arc. A film that would seamlessly communicate the brand USP, without actually showcasing beauty in the traditional way. Our aim was to tell a compelling story through a series of strong visuals that would subvert the spoken lines and would create a sense of intrigue and unpredictability at the same time. That is evocative not proactive and that brings to life the idea of “challenging stereotypes”, of being “different and unique without really being branded in to any one category”, in a very distinct and unconventional manner.”