Neha Kulwal

Neha Kulwal is the Country Manager of Admitad India

2021 Trends & What To Expect In 2022

This year we have seen an actual implementation of trends like cookies less world, online services becoming a whole new sector, Incorporation of new categories in fintech, content is driving business along with many others

Split The Budget For Festive Season

By splitting the budget into CPA Model, brands can recognise and analyse the channel's potential to further lead the brand to achieve its ultimate goal

Sales Growth Of 3X In Online Education

The nature of the sector changed on account of the internet and the proliferation of electronic gadgets like affordable smartphones, personal computers, and tablets, etc.

Affiliate Marketing- In Sync With Emerging Trends In E-commerce

The promise of sales growth offered by the digital mediums has led to the blossoming of affiliate networks and marketplaces