Rikki Agarwal

Co-Founder, Chief Business & Operating Officer of Blink Digital

How VR & AR Industry Will Grow Through Metaverse

From being chunky VR and AR gadgets that were fancies of only ultra-rich, the metaverse is creating a brand-new marketplace that will introduce much swankier devices available at various price points to augment virtual avatars and virtual worlds

AI Transforming The Digital Marketing Landscape

Artificial Intelligence is using and programming machines to respond innovatively and creatively to customer requirements

The Outlook On Trends In Digital Marketing That Are Set To Grow In 2021

The most visible change in Indian digital marketing lies in terms of the revolution in use and access. Kirana stores, mom-and-pop outlets and traders in tier II and tier III cities who otherwise don’t have good digital connectivity is taking a leap

The Role Of Creative Technologists For Marketing 2.0 In 2020

Today’s creative technologists marry top-tier creative ideation with emerging technology to exceed marketing goals in a rapidly changing world.