WhatsApp’s New Privacy Update: Good Or Bad?

The new WhatsApp update is also known to be illegal in European Union as per the contradictions of the provisions under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

How AI Can Transform India's Healthcare

The future of AI could include tasks ranging from simple to complex level, writes IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) senior member, Sukanya Mandal

Digital Marketing Strategies For A 'New' World

61% of Twitter audiences in India think it is 'a lot more important' for companies to behave in more sustainable/eco-friendly ways post the COVID-19 outbreak, writes Twitter's Marketing Head

Demystifying The Downsides Of Performance Marketing

It is always best to connect with experts to scale up one’s brand and boost growth

Fostering Partnerships & Collaborations Is The Way Forward In F&B

The famous Greek Philosopher, Heraclitus, once said, 'Change is the only constant.' The pandemic did just that. It changed the way people across the world wined and dined

Freedom Of Speech On Social Media Platforms

Citizens have got this power and freedom of speech for the first time, they will not let go this easily

Innovative Customer Experience: Need Of The Time

The retailers and brands which have been able to face the pandemic effects boldly are the ones that have quickly adapted to the new business dynamics with flexible strategy

Packaged Sweets Is Revolutionizing Packaged Food Industry

Last year it was reported how packaged food industry had recorded an impressive over 14% growth for April to August period

Creative Designing Trends In 2021

Agencies use one colour as the foundation and other colours belong to the same family. This colour palette streamlines the design that brings unity and harmony in the overall design strategy

A New Word Order

Within hours of Wednesday’s delivery, her soul-stirring reading of The Hill We Climb, at the swearing-in of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris had landed the 22-year-old’s two upcoming books at the top of Amazon’s bestseller list


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