Making The Local Brands Global

Digital marketing is a priority and one of the most cost-effective ways for local brands to not only reach bigger set of audience but also to compete with the already-established brands

Technology Advancement Disrupting Traditional Ideologies

The advancement of technology could help India to shift from treating the sick to preventive care and wellness, given the size of its population

Ushering The Digital Pharma Marketing Revolution

Digital disruption has demonstrated that only companies which are able to pivot to innovative ways of working, will emerge successful

Understanding Why A/V Watermarks Will Pave Way For The Future Of Adtech

Initially used to identify ownership of copyright by brands, these watermarks can now be used to integrate contextual messages in broadcast feeds to provide the end-user with the most relevant information, as well as to trigger the desired outcome

Benefits Of Building Brand Image & Identity For A Fashion Label In 2021

Effective branding can represent what the brand can offer to a customer, how is this offering the most suitable choice for the audience and what experience can the customer expect from the consumption

Did Prioritization To Health & Wellness Goals Help Increase Product Sales?

People today want to look good and feel good and thus, are heavily investing in wellness and beauty products

The Growing Acceptance Of Voice-Activated Payments

This innovation has elevated customer experience to a previously untapped level

Cohorting And Experimentation - Why It Is More Important Than Ever Now

The pandemic has taught us many lessons; about reinventing, renewing, changing and most importantly, about not conforming to traditional approaches

OTT Platforms' Changing Publisher Landscape & Ad Revenue Optimization

Serving up monetisable content and making money off advertising knowing that inventory and therefore revenue is ephemeral is the true challenge in today’s publisher landscape.

4 Ways Contextual Marketing Is Helping Brands

The brands that choose to jump on the contextual marketing bandwagon will innovate and thrive, and others will merely survive


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