The Consumer Experience Journey

A very strong, clear vision, an absolute hands-on approach of the leadership team, and a sustained, continuous, massive build-up of capabilities and competencies

Does Luxury Clothing Require Effective Social Media Marketing

Social media enables luxury brands to build tremendous clout among the aspirational set

With Kids' Plunging Screen-Time, Demand For Interactive Toys & Games Rises

Opportunities in the doll, toy, and game market are expected to rise in the non-electronic toys segment, which is tipped to gain $ 23.21 billion of global annual sales by 2025

Martech Adoption- A Crucial Milestone For Digital Consumer Businesses?

81% of marketers feel their current martech stack is effective at meeting their organization’s business objectives

Why Indian OTT Players Need To Go Global

OTT has a simple rule, either you go big or you become irrelevant. OTT players have yet to understand this as the fragmented audience cannot subscribe to multiple players

10 ORM To-Dos For Brands

As the value of ORM in an overall marketing strategy becomes clearer, the author advises a set of ‘to-dos’ that when followed, will hold marketer and brand heads in good stead towards managing their online reputation

Top Five ORM Trends To Look Out For

The author details out online reputation management trends that businesses need to adapt to stay “at the top of their game”

The Adornments Business Losing Piece Of The Pie

As the business gets more cutthroat organizations too see themselves getting progressively effective to contend

The Progressing Retail Sector & The Way Forward

Strengthening the business tactics with AI-empowered services, facial recognition, voice commands, digital logins and many other features, the retail sector seems to be taking the road to exploration

Building Continuous Confidence Through ORM

The brands have also realized how social space can bring down their image in no time