82.5 Communications Helps You ‘See The Difference’ With Spexmojo.com

The unique eyewear discovery brand’s first-ever campaign of commercials asks some serious questions about your spectacles - without being serious

Slice Puts The World In Slow Motion

Conceptualised by 82.5 Communications, the campaign shows how, in front of the Slice card, everything else seems surprisingly slow. The films are sure to resonate with the youth of today who want to live for now and wouldn’t want anything to slow them down

Bisleri Reinforces Importance Of Safe Mineral Water

Conceptualized by 82.5 communications, the new Bisleri campaign, #SamajhdaarBisleriPeeteHai, aims at educating the consumer to select only quality driven and hygienically manufactured safe mineral water

Reviewing The Romance: Dating Apps Fighting Digital Abuse

The world of online dating has no second chances, quite literally