The Role Of Personalisation & Storytelling In Brand Building

Through storytelling, brands create an opportunity to connect with their target audience at a more profound level & personalized marketing communications are useful to connect with consumers in a more meaningful way

Brand Building Through Community Building

An engaged community will lead to better products, learning, and innovation, as well as growth

What Agencies Should Keep In Mind While Conceptualising Creative For A Brand

As long as agencies continue to display Ownership, Objectivity and Openness, there is no way that they will lose their respect and profits in the wonderful business of building brands

Twitter Launches ArtHouse To Empower Brands To Create Engaging Twitter-First Content

In India, the ArtHouse team will partner with local agencies and brands to collaborate with influencers and artists to unlock their creative capabilities and tie them with the brand’s messaging and goals.

The Importance Of Brands Adopting A Design Philosophy To Drive Fluidity For Customer Engagement

Brands are waking up to the reality of providing the best design templates for their apps, websites, and other online tools, to improve customer engagement and the end-user experience.

SMEs & Branding: Getting Your Basics Right

Many fail to understand this, but branding goes above and beyond the company logo. Right from the look and feel of a brand’s advertisement, to its customer service support - all of these contribute to building a perception in the minds of your consumer and are likely to determine whether or not to purchase commodities from your company.