Digital Advertising – What's Ahead?

Though ad blockers and data protection bills have challenged digital marketing, the best way to target and customize campaigns but, still its market will continue to grow

The Consumer Experience Journey

A very strong, clear vision, an absolute hands-on approach of the leadership team, and a sustained, continuous, massive build-up of capabilities and competencies

The Challenges & Fads Of Digital Disruption

When markets change, companies have to rethink the strategic positioning and business model

Creating Next-Gen Stores For The 'Revenge-Spending' Phase

To protect and maximise this revenue stream, retailers would need to invest in technologies that blend the physical and digital shopping experiences

Life And Work Contradictions

The truth is always much more comfortable. The difficult but inevitable thing in life is that the truth always reveals itself in contradictions. The packaging never gets any better

The Post Vaccine Business World

Now, with the likelihood of a few vaccines being released soon, global organisations, governments & business entities need to start thinking about what is in store on the other side of the vaccine

World Class

India has what many nations simply cannot have. In creating the world-class mindset, the one critical requirement is to build aspiration and humility at the same time.