Britannia, Accenture Take Off For Digital Transformation

The collaboration will accelerate innovation, capture value, improve the customer and supplier experience through a holistic digital transformation program

Shoppers Stop Advances Omnichannel Experience With Accenture

The brand hopes to further strengthen its digital commerce strategy for greater reach and access and also improve the overall shopping experience

Consumer Values & Buying Motivations Changed: Report

Brands must differentiate to meet new consumer demands for health and safety, customer service and personal care, and other priorities, reveals an Accenture report

Accenture Accelerates Mankind Pharma’s Digital Transformation

The project was completed remotely during the ongoing pandemic with no impact on business continuity

Transformation Of Kirana Stores Essential To India’s Economic Growth: Report

Retail modernization can boost consumption and generate nearly 3.2 million new jobs

New Consumer Behaviors Accelerate Need For Focus On Customer Experience For LT Growth: Study

Companies that reimagine their entire business through the lens of experience outperform their industry peers by six times in year-on-year profitability

Rapid & Deep Innovation To Bridge Structural Gaps, Cater New Market Demands: Rekha M. Menon, Accenture

Advanced technologies can help Indian businesses become more efficient and competitive, create new opportunities for growth across sectors, strengthen India’s position in the global innovation ecosystem and bolster the export-oriented IT services industry