Customer Experience – The Indian Story

Focus on customer centricity, technology and the right metrics to fix the gaps, suggests the author

B2B Selling Increasingly Virtual, Marketers Must Rely More On Digital Tech: Holly Simmons, Oracle

This is because the number of digital touchpoints and the number of decision-makers have grown, she observes

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Research reports show a significant increase in customer engagement and participation in social media platforms, making it an indispensable communication tool for creating and sharing information

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Innovative Customer Experience: Need Of The Time

The retailers and brands which have been able to face the pandemic effects boldly are the ones that have quickly adapted to the new business dynamics with flexible strategy

New Consumer Behaviors Accelerate Need For Focus On Customer Experience For LT Growth: Study

Companies that reimagine their entire business through the lens of experience outperform their industry peers by six times in year-on-year profitability