Retail & Ecommerce Houses 25% Happy Employees: Study

The healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, on the other hand, have the happiest employees (51%)

CavinKare Launches D2C Platform For Buds and Berries

Aligning with the demands of new-age women, Buds and Berries is a clean beauty, dermatologically tested brand which uses only allergen-free IFRA-certified fragrances

Havas Brings Ecommerce Vertical 'Havas Market' To India

To lead the division, Havas Media Group India has appointed Sharukh Lakhani as Lead – Havas Market

The Growing Business Of Returns

However, the organised unboxed-refurbished segment requires finding a good, reliable, regular supply of returned goods, a down-the-line sale strategy and backing it up with quality service

Marketing Experts Bullish About Digital Commerce

The ecommerce sector has been witnessing an uptick in growth over the few last years and with that, marketing leaders are invested to think through more innovative ways to increase the reach, revenue and return

Addressing Ecommerce Challenges In 2022

Weak distribution network in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, preference for cash on delivery, the emergence of new platforms, etc. remain some key challenges for the sector

Gen Z & Millennials Willing To Buy Directly From Brands: Report

New 2022 consumer trends report also reveals a surge in ecommerce may have plateaued as more consumers anticipate a return to in-store shopping experiences

Role Of E-commerce In Empowering Indian Local Brands

In current times, e-commerce is no longer an alternative to the traditional marketplace but rather a considerable part of it

Future Of E-commerce Is Personalised, Transparent & Responsible: Report

Havas Group has announced the launch of its recent Prosumer Report, a global perspective on the future of e-commerce that captures information and insights on the sector, done through the network's proprietary research tool

Traders, Online Sellers Demand Ecomm Brands' Boycott

The concern centred around how e-commerce players track best-selling products on their platforms and then copy their design to launch private brands with similar features and at a competitive price