Nine Shine At BW PuRe Brand Awards 2020

The nine winners upheld purpose and resilience in the year, while staying true to their DNA

CARS24 Introduces New Feature In Association With Google

This voice-based experience will help users calculate an accurate valuation of their cars using its price algorithm-based tool

Cadbury 5Star Launches Its Latest Campaign With Google- ‘5Star Do Nothing Assistant’

To activate the assistant all you need to do is, say "Ok Google, eat a 5Star" to get your Google Assistant to lean back, relax, and motivate you to do nothing as well

The Google Conundrum: How Sudden Policy Digital App Policies Changes Can Hurt Small Businesses And What Needs To Be Done About It

Over 70 percent of all Android devices run in Google’s own ecosystem, which comes with Google apps pre-installed. In a country that has over 500 million smart-phone users and growing, Google's policy is unfair and repressive, to say the least.

Google And Facebook, Amazon Is Coming To Eat Your Lunch

So far, Google and Facebook have enjoyed the lion’s share in digital advertising. However, Amazon’s foray into the advertising space through Amazon Marketing Services and Amazon Media Group (later rebranded as Amazon Advertising) has made it a powerful contender to challenge Google and Facebook’s duopoly.