Hires & Promotions: Mahindra, Mirum, Applied Materials

Quick look at new hirings, promotions and people movements this week

Hires & Promotions: GoKwik, Xapads, Langoor, Redseer

Here's a quick look at the new hirings, promotions, and people movements this week

Biz Plan To Significantly Increase Martech Investment Over Next 36 Months: Report

Over 50% of respondents said that ‘creating compelling content for digital experiences’ is a key opportunity area over the next three years

Marketers Bullish On YouTube's New Monetisation Policy

While it is too early to predict the next move of advertisers and how other platforms will alter their revenue measures, it is believed that in the long run, advertisers will emerge as the big winners

Making A Pitch For ‘Non-Essentials’ In Crisis Times

Agency heads' highlight solutions to push the non-essential & premium category products forward

Mirum To Provide Marketing Cloud Services To Jaro Education

Jaro Education has appointed Mirum India to implement its marketing automation solutions.