10 ORM To-Dos For Brands

As the value of ORM in an overall marketing strategy becomes clearer, the author advises a set of ‘to-dos’ that when followed, will hold marketer and brand heads in good stead towards managing their online reputation

ORM For An Exceptional Brand Experience

Key highlights on how Mondelez is leveraging ORM in its overall play

State Of ORM In India

From ‘reactive’ to ‘proactive’, from ‘important’ to ‘core and critical’, Online Reputation Management in India is transitioning towards top priority for businesses. The headroom for growth however remains massive, with a wide gap between adopters & laggards

ORM For Great Business Outcomes

Tata Motors' approach not only made ORM a lynchpin in its customer strategy but also saw a higher return on investment through increased sales

ORM Essential For Consumer-Facing Digital Brands: Ankur Agarwal, TTK Prestige

ORM is key for the brand to engage with its consumers and also to understand competition and to develop its overall market strategy

ORM Is An Important Discipline In Its Own Right: Karthi Marshan, Kotak Mahindra Group

The crisis delivered a “triple whammy”, making online reputation management (ORM) more challenging & promising, says Karthi Marshan, President & Chief Marketing Officer, Kotak Mahindra Group

Building Continuous Confidence Through ORM

The brands have also realized how social space can bring down their image in no time