Glancing At India's Ecommerce Industry

The Indian ecommerce sector is predicted to reach USD 400 Billion by 2030, propelled by government efforts, an increase in internet and smartphone penetration, an unprecedented surge in the number of online buyers, and the rising popularity of the D2C model

Pandemic After Effects To Affect Diwali Shopping: Report

Diwali 2021 will accelerate the return to normalcy with higher economic activities, but consumers still require more time to completely put behind the numbing pandemic experiences

Despite Digital Revolution, Cash Driven India Is Here To Stay

We are in the middle of a digital revolution, a digital transformation, and digital innovation. With everything going online, it is expected that physical cash will cease to exist. However, India paints a different picture

Turning A Pandemic Pivot Into A Sustainable Digital Strategy

Post-pandemic, it is vital to reassess digital pivot programmes and convert them into long term strategic plans to remain relevant, competitive, and successful

The Rise Of OTT Platforms In India

The pandemic has led to a staggering 70% increase in the number of OTT subscribers

Conversations On Product, Store Reviews Up By 1447% On Ecomm: Report

The pandemic has led to the creator economy phenomenon, with an increase in conversations around the product

Covid-19 And Its Impact On The Indian Food-tech Sector

The Indian food industry is one of the biggest sufferers of the pandemic, which forced the restaurants to close and workers to return to villages

Why Hospitality-Sector Must Focus On Responsible Travel

The ‘responsible travel’ proposition needs to go beyond measures like hand-sanitisation, wearing masks and social distancing

Paving The Way For A New Marketing Tool-Book

The pandemic has changed the dynamics of marketing and pushed for the re-invention of strategies

The Knock-On Effects Of DTC

The pandemic has induced B2B companies to explore Direct-To-Consumer approach