OMD Mudramax Launches ‘Bingo’, An AI-Backed Media Buying Tool

Bingo is an Agency Trading Desk (ATD) that integrates all downstream channels including but not limited to media buying platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook, Yahoo and other DSPs

Creation Of A New Market To Play In

With disruptive changes in the media landscape, marketers will aim at strong distribution capabilities amongst both digital and television

The Phoenix Has Risen & Is Here to Stay

Lucky to have seen the early era of digital video through VCRs to seeing it today as a streaming service, it died and has risen from the ashes and this time it is not going anywhere because the use cases are so many

Ecommerce In India: From 1999 To 2021

With Walmart owned Flipkart and Amazon being frontrunners, Indian entrepreneurs are no less, given the grand opening we are seeing for Zomato, PayTM and the likes with their IPOs, ecommerce in India has truly arrived

Platform Businesses Turning Traditional Businesses On Their Head

What I am still looking for is a global product from India that is an absolute platform business with network effects, he adds

Building Continuous Confidence Through ORM

The brands have also realized how social space can bring down their image in no time

DDB Mudra Group Bends Rules & Pushes Limits To Beat Crisis

As part of our #AdlandUpclose series, the leadership team at DDB Mudra Group describes how they called for solidarity in the pandemic year and kept creativity at the core