Influencers Discuss Brand Relationships

Experts take on the importance of influencer marketing and PR strategies for brands in today’s era

Influencer marketing presently is one of the most interesting tool of the new age marketing. It provides a platform to the brands as well as to its audience to connect and engage with each other.

“The first and the foremost thing is to understand what the brand wants from me. It is very important for brands to understand our niche as well. I think it is very important to have a clear communication and connect with the brand. It is always a win-win situation” stated Itika Kamra, Blogger & Influencer.

Jagriti Motwani, Co-founder & Chief, Cha Chi raised an interesting question from the brands perspective as to why and how did influencers become so relevant in today’s time? To which Gagan Talwar, Managing Director, Businesswire India responded, “The reason is that the clients are wanting to connect with the audience in a much deeper way. The connect has to be much stronger, the messaging has to be much elaborate so I think one can change the content as per their requirement. I think this influencer marketing game will pick up and this is just a start. Couple of years ahead from today, this market will be really doing wonders.”

On the other hand, Gurpreet Singh Tikku, Blogger & Influencer, speaks about the reach and engagement on collaborations stating, “What happens is youngsters are not the one who spend lots of money but they comment, save, and share a lot and the people who spend money are the silent people. They come, they watch, they go and spend their money. That is how brand collaborations work”.  

“For a marketing campaign, choosing the right influencer at the right time is what works in brand collaborations as in today’s date, the algorithm is such that one can’t define the audience, be it gen z, millennials or boomers, they want the real connect and real stories. They don’t want direct advertisements or direct PR”, mentions Talwar.

Nikita Panjwani, Travel Influencer, when asked about her take on brand collaboration she states, “I think maintaining exclusivity along with giving the power & creative freedom to the influencer can actually work for a marketing campaign as we understand our audience”.

The industry experts were speaking at IPRCCA forum that took place in Delhi on 5th March, 2023.

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