Account Based Marketing Is All About Researching First: Archit Deep, The Blue Beans

New generations who are taking up B2B marketing solutions from their previous generations, they are the attribute that likeminded people exist, he adds

With the onset of new applications in marketing segment, we have started using ML based applications which are coming out of data from platforms like meta, that can also be used to track customer segments. Thus, a lot of intent based marketing is going to be the next big game. 

B2B marketing is going to be account based from now onwards. The difference between B2C and B2B marketing is when you're engaging with people, they have a short span of attention. But when you're talking to businesses, it's going to be tangential in manner.

Archit Deep, Co-founder, The Blue Beans, a full stack media agency, shares his views on how to stay relevant and creative in B2B Marketing in 2023.

Excerpts from the Interview:

Q. What are some of the problem statements while marketing for B2B segment?

The problem in marketing data have always existed, but how they reach to a business from a business and how they reach to the end consumer is different. You can use social media and digital marketing to reach the end consumer because everyone wants to spend their time on social media. Using digital marketing for B2B is always the most tedious business for any agency. The modern marketing is a little different. Earlier, we used to focus on the interest of the people which is now taste engagement. So in my opinion, marketing is about the identification engaging expansion.

Q. How driving a community online can be the biggest value addition for B2B business?

New generations who are taking up B2B marketing solutions from their previous generations, they are the attribute that likeminded people exist. The biggest platform for B2B marketing but overall the entire spectrum of digital marketing support the concept of recognising your community based on interest based on behaviour, a lot of ad strategies can be given which to you know, figure out that community and you know, platforms like discord, reddit and all have been personality based communities. 

Q. What mediums of advertising will flourish in the next five years?

In digital, the core solutions exists within LinkedIn, the AI based solutions, which LinkedIn provides, in order to say that LinkedIn provides intent based ads that Facebook, LinkedIn and Google provide the resource that we get the data that we get out of the feedback that we get, when we do our research and when we do our, you know, lead generation around. Based on those, all the algorithms are being built of different kinds of products on all levels from lead generation to recognisability to social listening. There are tools I mean, if you want to talk about SEO, SEM Rush is there. If you talk about recognition, Lucia is there. Sales Navigator, always something extremely handy. I would say to decentralised towards in the next couple of years.

Q. What could be the marketing strategy which would be followed by marketers in the upcoming years?

For B2C marketing, you have an audience who can be reached out from an interest base or a behaviour based. But for business to business marketing, you target very less amount of people. You have to identify the every last account within which exists on LinkedIn. So you have to make a list.

Step one is recognising the accounts. Account Based Marketing is all about researching first, and there is a lot of struggle that agencies need to put in a lot of focus needs to be put in to recognise accounts. First, and then backtrack. How do I reach out to this person? How does this person pick up my call or read my message or respond to my message? I think this is where it is going. And this is how it is changing. It's not about that, you can shoot out a message and you can keep waiting, like somebody is going to respond and you get surprised that Oh, wow, or somebody from USA responded, No, you will always know that you are committing exactly this account of this brand. 

Platforms like LinkedIn support these things, even Sales Navigator gives you exact profiles of those. So it's not even intimidated solutions because of like combinations. It works if you're always on with the content. And if you're doing Account Based Marketing, you will reach success at some point. And you have to have patience.

Q. What are some of the tips you want to share for B2B marketers for the upcoming year?

If you have to hit businesses, then the first rule of marketing is patience. I would suggest agencies going for this was a B2B marketing have to instil the value of patients and clients if you cannot generate a lead, right from the workforce. The virtue of patience needs to be instilled. 

Secondly, from a content perspective, right, people do give a lot of data to content marketing in B2C marketing, but they really missed that out in B2B marketing. And this is where all the baseline gets. So the idea of being always on this even content in B2B marketing is something that I would suggest for marketers that you need to be very consistent with the content conversation that you're having with the businesses. 

Whether it is using the metal podcast or having conversations with other businesses, in forms of chat, which are already installed before. Content marketing is really a game changer. Otherwise, everybody has those tools anybody can fill out into space marketing. Everybody's doing B2B marketing on LinkedIn. So the competition is huge. And the content is the one that will remain the same. I guess people need to focus on content marketing.

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