AI Reshapes Education With Personalised Skill Learning, Says ICFAI Group's Sudhakar Rao

ICFAI director advocated AI-driven education for personalised skill growth. emphasising digitisation and the use of technology in daily life

In the evolving landscape of education, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digitisation is bringing unprecedented value to skill learning. Sudhakar Rao, Director, ICFAI Group of Educational Institutions shared his insights on the subject.

Harnessing the power of AI, educational platforms now offer personalised learning experiences, adapting to individual needs and enhancing comprehension. Digitisation facilitates remote and accessible education, breaking down geographical barriers and providing opportunities for diverse learners.

Rao emphasised, "The digitisation of educational channels today is playing a major part in our society," highlighting a departure from traditional educational methods. “The courses we teach in our educational institutions are just fundamentals, whereas the value chain is job skills. Job skills are learnt individually.” He added.

With interactive simulations, AI-driven assessments and data analytics, students can engage in immersive learning, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Rao asserted, “To better harness creativity with artificial intelligence, we must have more domain-specific skills. We need to go towards problem-solving from problem-based learning.”

In the conversation, he also emphasised the significance of AI tools related to stress management and skill enhancement. Machines should be used to enhance the skills and increase the productivity scale. Be it Gen-Z, Gen-Y or Gen-Alpha, we are all affected by this AI revolution happening everywhere and more importantly the Generative AI.

Rao stressed, “We need to accept and bring these new technologies into our daily life because the more we resist, the harder life will become with time.”

Acknowledging the importance of domain-specific skills, he advocated a shift towards problem-solving through problem-based learning for a more creative integration of AI in education.