Ambuja, ACC Redefine Their Brand Presence With Latest Connected TV Campaign

Their strategic pivot aims to enhance brand visibility by captivating a broader audience of connected TV viewers

The ad campaigns of Ambuja Cements and ACC, ‘Mazbooti Ki Misaal’ and ‘Bharosa Atoot’, have made their place on the Connected TV (CTV) platforms, given the data-driven decisions and digital awareness. Partnering with Frodoh World, the reach of these campaigns has expanded. The ad films are now streaming across OTT platforms, redefining brand engagement in the ever-evolving digital age.

These campaigns have received an overwhelming response across TV and digital platforms, setting the stage for Ambuja and ACC’s latest strategic leap into CTV. This move is designed to captivate a fresh audience demographic, amplifying brand visibility and reinforcing recall in a dynamic brand campaign push. 

Ajay Kapur, CEO, cement business, says, "In today's fast-paced media landscape, our leap into connected TV advertising is a testament to our innovation ethos. We aim to target a fresh, engaged audience, boosting the visibility and resonance of our iconic brands. Our strategic step to captivate CTV viewers is about staying connected and memorable in a world where brand interaction is key to our B2C success."

The success of 'Mazbooti Ki Misaal’ lies in the narrative of the ad film that showcases the story of a loving family and their devoted giant elephant. Amid a quaint home, the child and the elephant share playful moments, from flying kites to splashing water and storytelling. The film gracefully captures the symbiotic existence, emphasising daily routines where the mother cares for both the child and the elephant. 

ACC’s ‘Bharosa Atoot’ depicts the journey of military personnel, emphasising 'trust' as the cornerstone of their brand. Symbolism abounds in the ad, from navigating scenic hill roads to portraying a mother's nurturing guidance and a heartwarming family reunion, all representing the legacy and trust associated with ACC. The goal is to lead viewers on a journey showcasing the significance of our constructions and their positive impact on individuals' lives and the nation at large.

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