Anushka, Virat’s ‘Nisarga’ Forays Into Motorsports, Events, Entertainment IPs

The brand has partnered with Elite Octane to execute various activities and create new platform segments, especially in the domains of motorsports and entertainment

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli foray into promoting events and experiences through their new venture ‘Nisarga’.  Nisarga will associate with like-minded partners to promote events and IPs. The initiatives will undertake the curation of special segments in existing IPs as well as develop and create new platforms.

As a first step, Nisarga has partnered with Elite Octane to execute various activities and create new platform segments, especially in the domains of motorsports and entertainment. The calendar of events currently comprises three motor sporting events, expos and one music concert including youth-connect programmes.

Anushka and Virat said in a joint statement, “Nisarga embodies our values and vision in what we do personally and professionally. Nisarga’s initiatives will promote these perspectives, the impact of which will be seen as we embark on this journey and execute these on the ground, through engaging experiences so that we leave behind more than what we were given.”

The three motor sporting events include The Valley Run 2023, Hyderabad Speed Fest, Aces of Speed along with Pro Auto Expo and music concerts called Eco-Harmonix including youth-connect programmes.

The core management team at Nisarga comprises a trio of leaders with a combined experience of over 60 years in the industry. Taha Coburn Kutay, CEO of Nisarga leads the Global Operations and Strategic Partnerships, Shivank Sidhu oversees Strategic Marketing, Events and Alliances and Ankur Nigam, COO leads Finance, Legal and Transactions.

Kutay said, “I welcome Elite Octane as our strategic partner. We are excited to announce a robust calendar of motor sporting events from the house of Nisarga with the help of their decade-long expertise in creating cult motorsports IPs.’’

Nigam added, “We are thrilled to commence work on these important initiatives and creating IPs in various shapes and forms that coincide with the core objectives that we have laid down for ourselves at Nisarga.  The recently announced E1 World Championship partnership is another step in that direction.”

Rongom Tagore Mukerji, Founder, Elite Octane said, “I would like to thank the core team of Nisarga for believing in our mutual vision as we move ahead to make these exciting initiatives a reality. Our focus for the past decade has been to take motorsports to all, which is primarily the reason for choosing the globally popular format of drag racing. It is truly the T20 of Motorsports and the only format that connects any one or vehicle with racing in a controlled environment. We have seen tremendous growth in the popular EV Race Categories and with the support of Nisarga, we intend to take significant steps towards building a clean motor-sporting future with focused initiatives”.