Arvog Partners With Indian Bank To Revolutionise Gold Loan Industry

The partnership will leverage Arvog's digital lending expertise and Indian Bank's customer base and regulatory framework

Arvog entered into a partnership with Indian Bank to enhance loan accessibility for borrowers. This collaboration will leverage Arvog's digital lending expertise and Indian Bank's established customer base and regulatory framework.

Priyank Kothari, Director of Arvog, said, “By combining Arvog's digital lending capabilities with Indian Bank's robust customer base and regulatory framework, the collaboration will increase customer credit availability. Indian Bank's robust due diligence process and lower cost of funds, backed by our expertise and technology, will help us turn the pivot in the gold loan industry. We hope to simplify the gold loan procedure for individuals by combining our experience and resources with Indian Bank's network of over 5808 branches. We will continue to give our customers the financial opportunities needed to realise their innate worth and empower them.”

The partnership seeks to accelerate Arvog's expansion in the gold loan sector, capitalise on reduced funding expenses, and enhance brand reputation.