Asian Paints Launches Specialised Sanding Paper Brand - TruStar

With the aim of reaching out to a larger audience in India, the product and brand message was launched through 7 videos on Youtube, Facebook, Trucaller, Whatsapp and Indiamarket

Asian Paints has launched a campaign for the launch of their latest range of specialized sanding paper brand – TruStar. The campaign has been conceptualized and executed by Tonic Worldwide.

The campaign stems from the research with 'Gipsi', the HI + AI research division of Tonic Worldwide. The core target group for the product is painters and contractors. Data and research from Gipsi suggested that they believe in perfection on every project and thrive on it. Celebrating this trait of being a perfectionist, the team stitched a series of films centered around the core idea of ‘Starting Right’ and ‘Perfection’. And so, came about Mr. Perfect Parimal - a fun character devised for a digital video series campaign who routinely whips out his go-to, trusted TruStar sandpaper. He smoothens big, small, odd and uneven objects in his daily life as he is obsessed with perfection. The protagonist, Mr. Perfect Parimal, reflects the consumer’s emotions and aspirations for perfection using delightful hyperbole.