Augmented Reality - The Next Big Phase In Technology

XLenz's Surya Kotha explains how this would indirectly mean a revolutionary era for branding

Technology has been ever-evolving, since its inception. The United States of America has emerged as the centre of the latest technologies and it becomes interesting to observe how US technology transformed from Silicon Valley to India.

Speaking at a recently concluded global summit in Delhi, Surya Kotha, Founder & CEO, XLenz, USA spoke on how the US has emerged as the birthplace of all the latest technology. He also emphasised the importance of Augmented Reality in technology and the latest product by his company, which is focused on this.

“25 years ago, I came to India and was one of the earliest adopters of internet and ecommerce. We met some local entrepreneurs and spoke to them about the latest technology which would sell your products just based on the pictures and descriptions of your products over a website. They refuted downright saying how stupid it sounds since the customers always come to the shops physically to buy goods. So, I consider this as a profound example of how India used to catch up with technology then. But we know how that is a thing of the past and how now, India has amazing adaptability to technology,” emphasised Kotha.

Kotha explained how we have always dealt with technology to date behind the screen, and how now is the next generation of the technological era. Speaking about the technological evolution, he said how initially, we had the 2G which let us communicate through texts. Then we had the 3G, which let us deal with images. Next up came the 4G wherein everything started getting consumed through video. “What is 5G going to do? 5G is going to be dependent on experiences. An example is the metaverse,” Kotha explained.

Kotha demonstrated the latest technology being worked upon at his firm and emphasised how Augmented Reality would be the next big phase of the technological evolution. “This takes you out of your physical state and puts you in the digital space. However, Augmented reality is completely the opposite of this. It brings the digital space outside and into our physical space,” Kotha explained. He also mentioned how this would indirectly mean a revolutionary era for branding.

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