Ayushmann Khurrana Joins Election Commission's Campaign To Encourage Youth Voting In 2024 Elections

In the campaign, Khurrana will encourage the nation's youth to actively participate in democracy by voting for the next leaders of Parliament

The Election Commission of India enlisted Bollywood actor Ayushmann Khurrana to encourage youngsters to participate in the upcoming 2024 Lok Sabha Elections. In the campaign, Khurrana will urge the youth of the nation to actively engage in the democratic process by casting their votes to select the next leaders of the country's Parliament.

Santosh Ajmera, Director, Voter Education at Election Commission of India, New Delhi praised Khurrana for his valuable and pro bono assistance in the recent ECI campaign TVC. The campaign aims to tackle issues of urban and youth apathy towards electoral participation.

He says “The film while a commentary on individual behaviour whereby, voting day is often considered as a holiday with 100s of excuses offered for not to vote, Ayushmann Khurana, gives out a beautiful message and a single reason of why one should vote. His act is highly convincing and impactful and resonates well with his followers, mostly the younger generation. ECI has tried to utilise Ayushmann’s potential and reach to inspire and mobilise youngsters towards voting, as an important democratic exercise & duty towards the future.”

As a National Award-winning actor, Khurrana has become synonymous with progressive content cinema, advocating for inclusivity and gender equality. 

Ayushmann Khurrana, actor says, “Everyone must vote and be conscious citizens by participating in the process of nation-building. The power to choose the leaders who will represent the country, represent our needs in the Parliament rests with us. Every vote counts and every vote is important. Voting is a symbol of empowerment in a democratic nation like ours.”

Serving as UNICEF's National Ambassador for India alongside cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, Khurrana is also the face of UNICEF's global campaign EVAC (Ending Violence Against Children), standing as an advocate for children's rights worldwide.

Khurrana further adds “I’m honoured and humbled to have been roped in by the Election Commission of India to urge youngsters to cast their vote in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. We are the largest democracy in the world, we are also a country with a huge youth population. So, it is imperative that the youth participates in deciding the future of our nation by casting their vote.”

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