BW Businessworld Celebrates The Era Of Web 3.0 In India's Financial Landscape

The latest edition delves into Web 3's transformative impact on India's financial landscape. It also features insights into leading law schools and the thriving aviation sector, showcasing visionary developments in the country

Web 3 signifies a new era in the internet structure, putting the user at the centre of the digital experience and fostering a more legitimate, open, and user-controlled online ecosystem.

In its latest edition dated August 12, 2023, BW Businessworld highlights the significant role of Web 3 technology in shaping India's financial landscape. With the emergence of Web 3, a new era of decentralisation and digital empowerment is ushered in. This revolutionary movement has captured the attention and enthusiasm of numerous developers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts across the country.

Web 3 technology is already making strides in key areas such as cost reduction, data security, and transparency, showcasing its immense potential for transformative impact in various sectors. The growing adoption and exploration of Web 3 signify a promising future for India's digital ecosystem.

Web 3.0 For The Win

In the inaugural edition of the BW Web 3.0 Summit and Awards, the spotlight was on the transformative capabilities of Web 3 as a technology that brings benefits to both customers and businesses alike.

A rigorous multi-tier screening process was conducted, with more than 86 applicants vying for recognition. Eventually, 20 companies were honoured for their significant contributions to India's financial landscape through Web 3.0 technology. 

In the organisational awards category, CredShields, Push Protocol, and secured the gold, silver, and bronze awards for the Web 3.0 Innovation Award. Information Data Systems Inc., JediSwap, and DRIFE Technologies Pvt Ltd were recognized with the gold, silver, and bronze awards for the Decentralization Pioneer Award. received the Social Impact Award, while Information Data Systems Inc. earned the Open Source Champion Award. HashCase was presented with the gold award for Best Adoption Strategy, with StackOS receiving the silver award. Vossle won the gold for Most Promising Web 3.0 Startup, while Push Protocol and StackOS claimed the silver and bronze awards. Davos Protocol, Mudrex, and Giottus Technologies Pvt. Ltd. were honored with the gold, silver, and bronze awards, respectively, for the Most Trusted Crypto Investment/Exchange Platform. Fanztar was recognised with the Best Web 3.0 Community Engagement award.

Law School Insights

In this issue, the magazine presents an in-depth analysis of India's leading law schools, meticulously chosen to provide students and aspiring lawyers with valuable information. The selection process was thorough and aimed at offering comprehensive insights into each institution's strengths and offerings. Moreover, the issue acknowledges and celebrates the luminaries who play pivotal roles in overseeing the profound transformations occurring within these law schools. Their vision and leadership are shaping the future of legal education, making it an essential read for anyone interested in the field.

Furthermore, the issue also delves into an extensive analysis of India's thriving aviation sector, highlighting the concerted efforts of both the government and private entities to propel it toward sustained growth. The issue showcases the comprehensive strategies and initiatives undertaken to revolutionise the civil aviation landscape, setting it on a trajectory of continued success and development.

The issue also includes an exclusive interview with Sandeep Nailwal, the Co-founder of Polygon. In this interview, he delves into the profound impact of Web 3 on the internet landscape, highlighting the opportunities it presents for businesses. Additionally, he sheds light on the evolution of the cryptospace, particularly during the challenging period of crypto winter. 

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