Bajaj Parks Triumph's Comms Mandate With Pitchfork

Triumph transferred its India sales and marketing operations to Bajaj Auto

Pitchfork Partners Strategic Consulting LLP has been awarded the India communication mandate for the UK-owned motorcycle manufacturer, Triumph Motorcycles, by Bajaj Auto. This widens the existing partnership between Pitchfork and Bajaj Auto. Pitchfork already manages Bajaj Auto’s corporate and brand communication mandates for its own range and the KTM brand. 

Recently, Triumph transferred its India sales and marketing operations to Bajaj Auto. The two auto majors in 2020 had announced a strategic partnership to jointly create a new range of mid-sized Triumph Motorcycles, and the transfer marks a new phase of the partnership. Pitchfork Partners will work with the Triumph team at Bajaj Auto to strengthen its reputation and increase brand visibility in India. The consultancy will manage corporate and product communication, including products that will be launched under the partnership.  

Jaideep Shergill, Co-Founder, Pitchfork Partners said, “Triumph’s transfer of sales and marketing operations to Bajaj Auto is a huge milestone. We are excited to work with these iconic automobile brands. Working with Bajaj Auto on its corporate and brand mandate has been truly invigorating and we are very excited to now also take on the Triumph mandate.” 

 Pitchfork Partners is a strategy consultancy focused on client reputation. The automotive industry is thriving in India with several brands aiming to increase mindshare. The consultancy is offering bespoke solutions and a team comprising marketing and communication veterans.