Bisleri's 2024 Marketing Blueprint - Hydration, Sustainability, Global Growth

Bisleri's Head of Marketing, Tushar Malhotra shares exclusive insights with BW Marketing World on the company's 2024 marketing strategy, emphasising sports associations, sustainability, global expansions and more

Bisleri stands as a leading player in the beverage industry and is set to redefine the narrative of hydration and wellness. As the brand charts its course into 2024 Tushar Malhotra, Head of Marketing at Bisleri indulges in an exclusive conversation with BW Marketing World shedding light on Bisleri's multi-faceted approach that transcends conventional norms, encompassing sports, sustainability, ecommerce, global expansion and the creation of premium lifestyle experiences.

Fusing Sports and Hydration

Bisleri with its marketing strategies is becoming synonymous with sports hydration. For 2024, Malhotra stated, "We are going to continue our campaign called ‘Carry Your Game’, which is a very robust sports marketing program where we have an association with sports of all genres."

With partnerships with four IPL teams, six ISL teams, Ultimate Table Tennis and Procam marathons, Bisleri is omnipresent across the sports spectrum, creating a strong relationship between hydration and athleticism. "We are across all genres of sports and these associations will continue for us", he adds.

Recently, the brand introduced the 'Drink it Up with Deepika Padukone' campaign infusing an element of fun, cool and excitement into everyday hydration. Malhotra explains that the campaign aims to propagate the importance of drinking water as well as seeks to redefine the way consumers perceive hydration, making it cool and enjoyable.

Sustainable Practices 

With the evolving values of today's generation, Bisleri places sustainability at the forefront of being a brand with a purpose. 

"We have a campaign called ‘Greener Promise’, which we've launched where we highlight that we are as an organisation, our sustainability efforts in rainwater harvesting make us water positive", Malhotra shares emphasising the company's sustainability efforts.

The brand is also at the forefront of plastic positivity, actively engaging consumers through the 'Bottles for Change' initiative, educating students about responsible plastic disposal through recycling, repurposing and reusing practices.

Digital Growth and Global Expansions

Bisleri's marketing strategy also revolves around ecommerce. Addressing the evolving needs of Gen Z, they introduced, 'Bisleri Apne APP Aayega' initiative. Malhotra asserted, "We've got a very robust app which is growing almost doubling year on year."

Expanding their horizons and venturing into international markets, Bisleri has marked its presence in Dubai, following the same roadmap as India. 

"We are part of Dubai Marathon and Dubai RT 20 and have launched the packaging there also, which features Deepika Padukone. So, we are going truly global as a brand", says Malhotra. 

Crafting Premium Experiences

For Bisleri's premium and luxury offering, 'Vedica', sourced from the Himalayas bringing the goodness of health and wellness down to a consumer, Bisleri unfolds a narrative of a life full of altitude. Malhotra highlights their efforts in creating a luxury and lifestyle brand through curated online content and premium experiences.

Simplicity Triumphs Strategy

Malhotra believes, "One should keep things simple and have clarity of thought." He explains that the key is to ensure a seamless message across various mediums in one go. 

 "With ‘Carry Your Game’, we have limited edition bottles with the films as well as with the IPL teams, leading to consumers seeing the same message at different touch points”, he adds.

He believes that cutting through the noise and delivering a clear message is crucial for effective communication across diverse channels in today's cluttered environment.