Blue Dart Express, India Post Partner To Introduce Automated Digital Parcel Lockers

The collaboration of these two forces offers customers a convenient alternative for secure and accessible package retrieval with restricted access to authorised personnel

Blue Dart Express formed a new partnership with India Post. Through this collaboration, Blue Dart is establishing automated digital parcel lockers at specific post offices, providing customers with an alternative delivery option.

On the partnership, Amitabh Singh, Postmaster General, Mails & BD, Maharashtra Circle, says, "Fusing Forces, India Post's Smart Parcel delivery system (ANVIT) teams up with Blue Dart's expertise to harness the potential of Smart Parcel technology for redefining the landscape of efficient and reliable logistics solutions."

This innovation enables recipients to easily retrieve their shipments from digital parcel lockers, eliminating the necessity for personal receipts or signature requirements. The contents of these digital parcel lockers are securely stored and readily accessible. Recipients can retrieve their packages by entering the assigned code to open the locker. Moreover, these lockers offer the flexibility for package collection at any time, with access restricted to authorised personnel only. Blue Dart has partnered with Podrones, a last-mile technology and parcel locker company, to drive this initiative.

Balfour Manuel, Managing Director, Blue Dart, adds, "Blue Dart has maintained a long-standing strategic business relationship with India Post. This transformative partnership underscores our unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service, providing customers the option to collect packages at their convenience. This initiative demonstrates our commitment to revolutionise hyper-connected city logistics, enhancing last-mile delivery efficiency while ensuring a reliable and secure experience for our customers in an increasingly digital and on-demand world.”

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